Growing Your Own Vegetables

Expanding your very own vegetables is a wise concept for several factors …

After World War 2, new conventional farming techniques headed by big business were to significantly transform the means farmers expand their plant. At that time, expanding your very own veggies meant you would make use of naturally enriched dirt, revolve your veggies to ensure that the dirt would not end up being depleted of details nutrients, as well as keep some for the wintertime.

As time passed, people transformed their behaviors from growing your very own veggies to getting them from big stores, completely relying on that these vegetables resembled the veggies they would have consumed when they were youngsters. Nevertheless, this is not the case. Today’s veggies that we buy off the shelf are not as nutrient-filled as they should be and also, more than not, are tied with pesticide or chemicals.

Let me discuss what occurred to farming methods throughout these last 50+ years, how farming approaches have transformed.

  1. Growing your own vegetables by utilizing the blended farming/crop turning technique was replaced by expanding just one type of vegetable over and over once again in the same soil.

In the very early 1960’s, farmers started buying into the concept that rather than following the normal approaches of growing your very own veggies, it would be more rewarding to plant huge areas of one crop as well as utilize more artificial plant foods which business and government declared were just as good as compost. They had actually been guaranteed that in the end the price of the plant food would certainly be offset by selling even more produce.

  1. Organic Compost was replaced by “special” artificial chemical-based granular plant foods.

Nevertheless, when the farmers started deserting blended farming and expanding your own vegetables in favor of expanding substantial plants of only one, possibly 2, types of veggie, the dirt was slowly being depleted of much needed nutrients. The dirt was not getting supplemental nutrients considering that feeding with natural compost/good old fashion manure and crop rotation had actually been gotten rid of.

To make issues worse, the brand-new artificial plant foods did not/could not restore the soil with all needed micronutrients as well as macronutrients neither, so each farmer’s plant has become much less healthy, depleted in nutrient, and certainly doesn’t taste as delicious as the ones “Gramma made use of to grow”.

3: By utilizing the brand-new modern approaches of artificial chemical-based fertilization as opposed to growing your very own veggies as well as using natural dirt changes, farmers require to do excessive splashing as crops come to be less healthy and balanced.


It’s a popular truth that any type of veggie which is less than healthy gets attacked extra frequently by insects or fungus; consequently, to keep their plants from being destroyed and/or looking good for the consumer, these huge farmers have no choice but to spray regularly with insecticide and/or chemicals.

This brand-new style of farming drifted a fair bit from the style utilized when you would certainly be growing your own vegetables using methods which maintained the veggies healthy and balanced and also loaded with nutrients. Clearly these brand-new approaches might not yield the very same quality of healthy vegetables. Read more information on the new technologies in agriculture by going to this link.

4: Farmers are forced to make use of chemical plant foods as opposed to the natural plant food.

My brother understood several of these farmers quite possibly and eventually back in 2003, he asked one of them, “Why on earth do farmers utilize such junk?”

The farmer responded to, “Composted cattle manure is difficult to ‘drop by’ because cattle farmers hang onto it. The vegetable farmers who do not very own cattle have no choice yet to acquire this plant food!”

He went on to explain that many farmers have very little cash so can not afford to buy compost by the ton; for this reason, they should turn to this chemical-based more affordable plant food.

All this is not good news for the consumer, us, who, not understanding to what degree the quality of the veggies had weakened, had looked to purchasing as opposed to expanding your very own vegetables.

For the lengthiest time, the consumer did not understand they became part of a vicious cycle … 1) veggies lacking an increasing number of in nutrients and also 2) insecticide/pesticide on our food as well as spreading in our water table. No wonder cancer cells and also various other illness is widespread!

And also currently for the most awful news of all …

  1. I initially became aware of this in January, 2010. Big firms in the United States are attempting to compel farmers (and also the regular homeowner who desires to attempt growing your very own veggies) to acquire and plant GENETICALLY MODIFIED SEEDS in their fields. They intend to ban ORGANIC gardening.

If these companies get their way using specific costs passed at the government degree, the farmers would certainly remain in a horrible circumstance: make use of genetically altered seeds or shed their ranches; use synthetic fertilizers bought from these firms … Similar to the song: I owe my heart to the company store.

According to the documentary “The Future of Our Food”, big business are planning to sell seeds which have actually been genetically become self destruct after one year of development. If that comes to pass, that will be a depressing day for both farmers as well as yard gardeners.

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